(New Cigar) Plasencia Alma del Campo

We got some good news for everyone, Campbell Cigar just added the Plasencia Alma del Campo to our cigar selection. It is on sale now and it can be found in our humidor. If you wish to purchase it, let Bass know.

Plasencia Alma del Campo is a fine cigar crafted using Nicaragua tobacco for everything (filler, binder, and wrapper). Those of us who have had the chance to smoke it have described it as a mild to full body cigar that has a rich coco flavor with an earthy after taste. Some have also said that it has more of a mocha after taste (regardless it’s still a great cigar). It’s the ideal cigar to enjoy with a cup of coffee with friends at home.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the lounge is closed. You may only purchase you cigar.

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