We Got a Collection of OpusX Forbidden

We got some good news for all of you who enjoy the OpusX cigars from the Fuente family. Recently the Campbell Cigar Club got a shipment of the OpusX Forbidden and they have been an instant hit with our regulars. The ones we have available are Purple Rain, BBMF and Taurus the Bull.

Check out the video bellow to learn more about the OpusX Forbidden Purple Rain and OpusX Forbidden Taurus the Bull. Bass has smoked Taurus the Bull and has praised it for its quality and earthy flavor*. However, Bass has not smoked the Purple Rain but a customer who did smoke it has described it as an unforgettable smoke.

OpusX Forbidden FFOX BBMF are completely crafted (this includes the filler, wrapper and binder) using Dominican Chateau de la Fuente tobacco. Bass has described it as having a rich mocha taste with a hint of pepper*.

Each one is available to purchase as an individual or as a box set. The sets comes in an elegantly crafted cigar box. They are package in a dust cover and a special gift box. As with all OpusX collections, they spared no expense when it comes to the package.

OpusX Forbidden BBMF box at Campbell Cigar Club

The OpusX Forbidden Purple Rain, BBMF and Taurus the Bull are available for sale now. Please note that these cigars will not be on display. If you want to purchase them or need to learn more, please talk to Bass. He loves the OpusX Forbidden cigars so much that he wants to share his experience with anyone who asks.

*The flavors detected is based on ones own taste palette. Not everyone is going to sense the same flavor in a cigar.

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