Review: Terroir by Chinnock Cellars

Several weeks before Bass attended the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR), the guys over at JMG International gave him a few samples from Chinnock Cellars, a Napa Valley winery that is starting their own cigar brand.

After smoking the samples, Bass was so impressed that he could not stop talking about it and was working to make it available to his customers.

Bass then had the honor of meeting Brian Chinnock, founder and CEO of Chinnock Cellars, at the IPCPR thanks to Mark Jordon of JMG. The two had a discussion about the cigars while Bass had the opportunity to sample his inventory. The two became well acquainted and so Brian set an appointment to come visit Campbell Cigar Club.

We all had the honor of meeting Brian Chinnock on September 5 when he visited the store. We first had some tasty sandwich’s from Mr. Pickles as Brian shared us some insights into the wine business along with the story of how he started his cigar brand.

During the visit; Bass also bought several boxes of cigars, among them being the Terrior.

Terrior (pronounced ter-war) is a light to medium cigar that is crafted using a Dominican and Nicaraguan filler along with an Ecuadorian binder while wrapper in an Ecuadorian Deflorada. The cigar is presented with a cigar band made from pewter metal along with the words “Terrior” and “Chinnock Cellars” engraved.

Brian gave each of us who was there a free sample while a few of the guys had to buy it latter in the day. After smoking it, we had a final verdict:
Bass – 9.5/10
Stan – 9.5/10
Uffe – 9/10
Mark – 9.5/10
Micky – 9/10
Scott – 8.5/10

From the first puff we all enjoyed the creamy draw while tasting a smooth pepper flavor. As the cigar progresses, most of us begin to sense a creamy butter-like flavor while a few of us felt it kept the smooth pepper favor. By the end it has developed a creamy nut flavor while keeping its peppery scent. A few of the other guys felt the by the end its pepper scent had infused with the butter flavor.

After smoking the first cigar, the Terroir has now become the new favorite among the regular crowd. During the visit Bass bought six boxes of the Terroir and as of the week of 9/15/2014 he only has two boxes left. Luckily several of us guys have at least four of these cigars in our personal humidor at home.

We all enjoyed the time spent with Brian Chinnock and we do hope he comes back for another visit. Terrior is an amazing cigar that is highly recommended by all of us who hang out at Campbell Cigar Club.

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