Review: Montecristo Monte

Bass works hard to acquire premium cigars of the highest quality that are hard to find anywhere else. Campbell Cigar Club is happy to announce that it has added Regius to its selection of premium cigars, the only one in Northern California to do so.

Regius is a mild cigar that has been crafted with a Nicaraguan filler, binder and wrapper that has been aged for 15 years. The cigar is presented with a black cigar ring decorated in gold with the words “Regius” in the center. Its comes in a tube that is decorated in the same style.

Like the AVO Dominant 13th 2013 LE and Namakubi Ecuador, this cigar has become an instant hit among the regulars at the store.This was our final verdict:
– 10/10
Bass – 9/10
Customer #1 – 8/10
Customer #2 – 9/10
Customer #3 – 8.5/10

Regius starts with a sweet earth flavor while attracting your sense with a ceder aroma. At fist puff one will be quick to notice its smooth draw. As the cigar progresses the ceder flavor really begins to develop while a rich coco flavor is added to the experience. Near the ends it begins to build a mild spicy flavor.

Overall Regius is not just a great cigar but glorious representation of a pure Nicaraguan cigar that every connoisseur needs to have in their humidor. However I regret to say that the Campbell Cigar Club had only one box and as of Saturday there is only 3 cigars left.

Hopefully Bass could acquire more in the future.

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