Holiday Gift Recommendation

Hope everyone has been having a festive time. I understand that you’re very busy with the holiday shopping and I would like to help with some recommendations. These are the perfect gifts for your cigar buddy or a family member who enjoys a good cigar.

Here are some awesome gift ideas based on the store selection:


We have a good selection of humidors from Prometheus. Most notably we have several from the Octagon series, these are humidors crafted with an Art Deco design. Each one is handcrafted using Macassar Ebony, Rosewood and Walnut. They can hold between 50 to 100 cigars.

Cutters & Lighters

If your friend or family have a humidor then we also got some amazing lighters and cutters from Prometheus. Each one has its own special design and is guaranteed to make one the center of attention. We have other brands but Prometheus is one that most popular ones among our friends.

The Top Shelf Selection

If you just want to get a cigar but want something different then check out our top shelf selection. These are cigars that very few stores will sell and are available in very limited numbers. We have God of Fire, Lost City, Avo and more.

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