Horror Films to Enjoy on Halloween 2019


Halloween is that special time of the year that you get to kick back and enjoy all the horror films you want (or just watch The Thing back to back). But if you need a list of films to watch, then I have the perfect recommendations.

Halloween (original or Rob Zombie reboot) – It’s a classic, you gotta watch it.
A Nightmare on Elm Street– Another classic you have to watch.
Freddy vs. Jason – When you need a good smack down in your horror films.
The Cabin in the Woods – The perfect horror film for the horror film nerd.
Scream – Like The Cabin in the Woods, the perfect film if you like meta horror.
The Thing
 – You were going to watch this anyway so your welcome.
Saw – When you prefer your horror films with extra violence and suspense.

Of cores we highly encourage you to enjoy these movies with friends while smoking some fine cigars.

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