Cigar Myth #1 | Price = Quality


One of the most common myths and misconception is that a good cigar needs to have a hefty price tag.  However, like all things in life, price is not a strong factor in determining quality. We all have enjoyed a good $50 cigar on a special night and we have all enjoyed a good $15 cigar on a Friday.

The major factors that will determine the quality of a cigar is going to be the brands reputation, the quality of the tobacco and the smokers preferred taste. While the quality of the tobacco is going to be objective, the other two factors are going to be based on ones opinion. Not everyone is going to be a fan of one brand and some will enjoy a brand that isn’t very popular.

Be aware that the person bragging about how they “only smoke $100 cigars” doesn’t know anything about cigars.

So next time you come to Campbell Cigar Club, just remember that you don’t need to buy that $100 cigar to have a good time. If you need help, just ask us and we will find the right cigar for you.

Cigar Myth looks at common misconceptions about cigars and tries to debunk them while educating you on the truth.

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