Review: Espada by Montecristo

Ask any of the regulars at Campbell Cigar Club what are their top five favorite cigars and chances are a Montecristo will be somewhere on that list. Some of us will enjoy a Montecristo Epic during a special event while the Montecristo Monte has become one of our favorite everyday cigar.

So when the guys at JMG International acquired the Espada by Montecristo, Bass wasted no time in getting a few boxes and calling us guys over on Friday.

Espada by Montecristo is a unique cigar as for the first time the brand is using Nicaragua tobacco only. Hence this mild cigar has been crafted with a Nicaraguan filler, binder and wrapper

Montecristo is one of those cigar brands that the guys at Campbell Cigar Club could always trust and the Espada is no exception. This was our verdict:
Stan – 8.5/10
Bass – 8/10
Uffe – 8/10
Micky – 8/10
Jason – 8/10
Henry – 8.5/10

Starting with the first puff, the Espada has a sweet earth flavor with a creamy draw and a subtle hint of pepper. As the cigar progresses it begins to develop a taste that blends the flavor of coco with coffee. Some of the guys also noted that it had a nutmeg taste during the progression. Near the end the cigar has developed a rich earth flavor that has mixed with the coco flavor.

It needs to be noted that while most of us prefer a nice cup of coffee with our cigar, Uffe did point out that its better to have a glass of wine with the Espada.

Overall Espada by Montecristo is just another reason why you can never go wrong with a Montecristo. When Bass first introduced the cigar, he was sold out before the weekend had ended. Not to worry as he has restocked and are avalible to anyone who missed out.

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