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Sampling: Cremoir by Chinnock Cellars

Sampling: Cremoir by Chinnock Cellars

Back in early September, Bass added the Terroir by Chinnock Cellars to his collection and it became one of the fastest selling cigars. It was so popular that he had to limit how many a customer could purchase due to the limited supply.

Then last week Bass receives a few samples of the Cremoir to smoke and give our feedback. In no time, I’m interested in sampling this new cigar and sharing my opinion with others.

Cremoir (pronounced crem-war) is a mild cigar that is crafted using a Nicaraguan, Honduran and San Andres filler along with a Nicaraguan binder while using a Honduran/Connecticut wrapper.

After smoking the samples, this was our final verdict:
Stan - 9/10
Bass - 9/10

Cigars from Chinnock Cellars have impressed us and the Cremoir was no exception. We fell in love with this cigar and made the other guys jealous (LOL). Cremoir has a flawless burn with a smooth draw and an attractive aroma. The cigar starts with a creamy draw along with an oak flavor mixed with a nutty sent along with a spicy aftertaste. As it progresses a coffee flavor begins to emerge but the creamy draw is still tasted.

I have to note that the Cremoir shared a similar experience with a Cuvée Blanco (another popular cigar at the store). The difference is that the Cremoir has a stronger structure and a richer flavor. Also given that they both will be in the same price range, it’s guaranteed that the Cremoir will replace the Cuvée as the new favorite among the regular guys.

Don’t worry guys, Bass is going to include the Cremoir in his inventory. Do expect the cigar to be available sometime this month or at worst everyone may need to wait until early January. So for now enjoy the Terroir.

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