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Sampling Camacho Cigars

Sampling Camacho Cigars

By Stan Rezaee

Campbell Cigar Club is happy to announce that it has been selected to host the Camacho Torch It Up Road Tour on May 26 during their stop in the Silicon Valley. In honor of this special event; our friends at JMG International have hooked Bass with some Camacho Corojo and Triple Maduro cigars to try out.

Camacho Corojo is a mild cigar made with an all Honduras Corojo filler, binder and wrapper (hence the name). The cigar is presented with a ring decorated in red and black while the name “Camacho” along with the scorpion logo dominates the center.

Camacho Triple Maduro is a full body cigar that is made with a mix of Honduran, Brazilian, and Dominican Maduro filler along with a Corojo Maduri binder while held together with a San Andres Maduro wrapper. The cigar is presented with a ring decorated in black and silver while the name “Camacho” along with the scorpion logo dominates the center.

Bass passed out the Camacho on Friday when most of the regulars have arrived for a little relaxation. Most of them took the Camacho Corojo while the few who enjoy a strong cigar opted for the Camacho Triple Maduro. Our overall reaction to these cigars was a positive.

I should note that I smoked the Triple Maduro with only two other guys a day earlier while I enjoyed the Corojo with the regular guys.

Camacho Corojo starts with a smooth draw that allows the smoker to enjoy a mix of bold spice and earth flavor. As the cigar progresses; one will start to taste an oak taste that is blended with the spicy earth flavor. Near the end of the smoke, the earth taste has disappeared while the spice and oak flavor have blended together for a strong finish.

Those who smoked the Camacho Corojo did enjoy the smooth draw along with its strong but tasteful flavor. The overall verdict is that it was an excellent cigar that could be enjoyed anytime.

Camacho Triple Maduro also starts with a smooth draw that will allow the smoker the enjoy the strong taste of pepper and oak / earth (we had a difference of opinion here). Some of the guys did notice a small hint of cocoa at the beginning of the cigar. As the cigar progresses the coca flavor begins to grow noticeable as it overpowers the oak / earth flavor. However it still keeps its pepper taste and it only gets stronger as it progresses. By the end of the smoke, the pepper and cocoa flavor have merged together to give the classic Maduro kick.

Camacho Triple Maduro would definitely go on our list of favorite Maduro and its ideal as an everyday cigar. However this is for those who could actually handle a strong cigar as very few of us who hangout at Campbell Cigar smoke a Maduro on a regular basis. But I say Bass should include the Camacho Triple Maduro for those of us who enjoy a good strong cigar.

Overall Camacho Corojo was a great everyday cigar that Campbell Cigar Club will try to add to their selections. Meanwhile the Camacho Triple Maduro is a must smoke for those who enjoy a real strong cigar that is rich in flavor while perfectly crafted.

Please join us on Memorial Day for some good food and cigars in the company of friends. All made possible thanks to Camacho Cigars.

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