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Padrón 50th Anniversary Cigar & Humidor

Padrón 50th Anniversary Cigar & Humidor

Ever since Campbell Cigar Club was transformed into an ideal escape from a long week, Padrón has always been one of the most popular cigars. The store has prided themselves in offering the best premium cigars available and Padrón truly is one of the jewels in the collection.

That is why we were excited when they unveiled the Padrón 50th Anniversary at the 2014 International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Trade Show. This is a limited edition cigar and humidor that will be available to selected retailers this year.

Padrón 50th Anniversary uses a unique blend that has been aged for ten years and will be available in either a natural or maduro wrapper. The cigar size is 52 ring and 6 1/2 inches in length.

Yet the cigar is only a tip of the iceberg.

Padrón has crafted 1,000 humidor that have their own unique serial number displayed inside on a brass plate. To describe them with words would almost be impossible as nothing in our infinite vocabulary could properly describe the craftsmanship that is used in making these humidors. Each one will have its own Certificate of Authenticity that will also feature a unique serial number while being hand signed by Jose O. Padrón and Jorge L. Padrón.

Each humidor will also include serial-numbered cigars with the corresponding numbers being identified on the exterior. For example: Humidor No. 1 will contain cigars 1-50 while Humidor No. 2 contains cigars 51-100.

Cigar connoisseurs who purchase a set will also be eligible to refill of Padrón 50th Anniversary cigar. To be eligible one must register their humidor online with the serial number on the certificate of authenticity.

Along with the humidor, commemorative ashtray and lighter have also been crafted to honor this milestone. They too have been crafted with the same precision as the humidors.

All of this will be offered in a set and is only available at selected tobacco retailers.

Anyone who is seeking more information about the Padrón 50th Anniversary could check out their official website for more detail or just call Campbell Cigar Club. Bass will have all the details you need and more.

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