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Cigar Advice: Price Dose Not Equal Quality

Cigar Advice: Price Dose Not Equal Quality

One of the most common misconception about cigars is that it’s an expensive hobby. This is false as the quality of a cigar has less to do with price and more with ones personal taste. Some people will enjoy a $10 cigar, many prefer a $20 cigar and few will enjoy a $40 cigar during a special moment.

That being said, another misconception is that price will equal better quality. This is a myth among new cigar smokers and what we like to call fake cigar smokers (people who smoke cigars more for appearances and have no interest in the culture). Any real cigar smoker will tell you they’ve had a good $15 cigar and an awful $40 cigar. It all comes down to personal taste but a brand name will also help as some have a solid reputation for putting an emphasis on quality.

So if you’re going to enjoy a cigar for the first time, start by exploring the $10-$20 cigars before moving up to $40 ones.

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